One of a Kind

Yossi Vassa and Shay Ben Atar

Traslated by

Howard Rypp


Shay Ben Atar

Actor Yossi Vassa, Tehitina Assefa, Shai Fredo, Benya Getahon,
Sky Gette, Mahareta Baruch, Tehila Yeshyahu, Roy Tzaddok
Music Idan Zilbershtein
Set Design Sasha Lesansky
Choreography Iddi Saaka
Animation:Adi Katz
Costumes Sky Gete
Lighting Meir Alon
Technical Director Noam Toplian

Co-produced with Teatron Artzi Le Noar 

The Production blends song dance drama and multi-media to trace the Ethiopian Jewry’s 700 kilometer journey by foot to Jerusalem and the Promised Land.

The play touches the hearts of children and adults alike and reminds us the importance of family, home, faith and devotion.